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11/2/2020 - Join us this sunday evening!!

10.31.2020 - turn back your clocks tonight!

10.31.2020 - happy halloween!

06.28.2020 - We're open for service!

Join us for Sundays at 11:00 AM for service! We have safety measures in place (cleaning, hand sanitizer, masks, etc.) so come and join us!

06.26.2020 - Congrats to our 2020 graduates!

We would like to congratulate our 2020 Granite City High School graduates Andre Mitchell and Caleb Mayberry. We'd also like to congratulate these other 2020 graduates: Emily Richardson (St. Charles), Cody Humphreys (Granite City), Sammy Johnson (Granite City) and Jayla Moore (Granite City). We are proud of these graduates and we ask that you join us in prayer to pray for their future that it may be bright and prosperous.  

Andre and Caleb holding their diplomas

06.07.2020 - ON THIS DAY...

Though his VOICE was loud enough to reach 6,000 people in one room...his WORDS were even louder...for we still benefit from them even today.

06.03.2020 - Philippians 4:13

God is the strength of our hearts...forever.⁣

Amen. 🙏

06.01.2020 - God Can God Will

And even if He doesn’ can trust Him still.

06/01/2020 - Happy Pride Month!

This month we celebrate gay pride. Why you ask? It is important to celebrate our differences even though we were all created in Christ's image. Everyone is welcome at Impact365 no matter your sexuality, skin color, financial status, age, etc. We invite you to come check us out!

Galatians 3:28 "There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus." 





05.10.2020 - Happy mothers day


Prayer is one of the most important things a Christian can do. It is a time they are communicating with God and it should be taken very seriously. While there is deep theological meaning in prayer, it doesn't have to be something that is complicated and difficult. It's something anyone can do anywhere at any time.

05.06.2020 - Happy Nurses Day!

Today is a day that we all need to remember those nurses on the front lineS. Impact365 is very proud of one of our ministers, Julie, who is on the front lines every day caring for hospice patients including COVID-19 patients. We thank her and other nurses for their sacrifice! Remember to keep nurses, doctors and other front line workers in your prayers.  

05.05.2020 - happy cinco de mayo!


We thank all of the teachers out there because we know your job is difficult and often unrewarding. We recognize your sacrifice and the importance of what you do. Thank you for doing what you do every day!

05.04.2020 - may the 4th be with you

05.03.2020 - our first parking lot service

Today we had our first parking lot service due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It wasn't how we normally do church, but we were still able to come together and worship the Lord for the first time in 4 weeks. We invite you to join us next week for this unique experience!

05.02.2020 - thank you!

We'd like to give a huge shout out to Forever Gifts & Decor for donating a van load of supplies to our various outreaches. It's contributions like this that allow these outreaches to continue to flourish. Thanks again!

04.30.2020 - Keep your hearts warm. ❤️❤️❤️

04.30.2020 - Happy International Jazz Day!

04.29.2020 - Drop off your stuff

We will begin accepting yard sale donations. This helps offset our ministry and outreach needs. We are unable to pick up items, but you are welcome to drop-off items at our church location 24/7. We ask that you don't drop off any large furniture. Please let us know if you need a tax-deductible letter.

04.29.2020 - happy international dance day!

04.17.2020 - thank you to our teachers!

We want to thank ALL of the teachers, administrators, and educational staff. We all appreciate every minute of work that you continue to do, whether it's going to an empty classroom or school or checking on the parents and kids to make sure we're okay. Our hearts appreciate all of you as you navigate these uncharted waters. Much respect and stay safe!

04.14.2020 - recycle those eggs/baskets!

If you want to recycle those Easter Eggs or Baskets, we will take them off of your hands. Feel free to drop them off at our door so we can use them again next year. The less we have to buy, the bigger the outreach we can do next year! We appreciate all of your donations.

04.13.2020 - easter basket testimonies

Below are some of the testimonies we received from our Easter Basket Outreach:

"I have two children 8 and six. We have been struggling a lot during this pandemic. My husband was laid off, which was a blessing in disguise anyway because he is a Lymphoma survivor and has a very compromised immune system.

I feel so grateful for your generosity this season. I keep thinking about how empty our birthdays have been, how empty we feel without being able to celebrate everything together, but we DO have something to celebrate. The tomb was empty too, and PRAISE GOD for that!

Thank you for bring a smile to the faces of my babies and for showing the true love of Jesus!"

"Lucas loves the basket. Thank you again! It made his day, we wouldn't have been able to get him anything because his dad has been out of work for two weeks because of all of this. It helped out a lot!"

"You guys are awesome, you made my son's night. He's autistic and had a whole change tonight. He's been having a hard time with his whole schedule being changed. Thank you so much, he's going to bed happy."

"My mom was able to get them inside without my little guy seeing. This is truly a blessing. I was so worried about Easter this year. I have been in the hospital since the 30th. I had a baby on the 31st weighing only 3 pounds 10 ounces. I've been here with her quite a bit. Thank you so much!! God definitely works in mysterious ways. Thank you again!"

"Thank you so much for the help in this hard time for everyone. God bless you all!"

04.11.2020 - Easter basket requests

Due to an overwhelming amount of requests, we have turned off the request page for Easter Baskets. We are still working hard to fulfill all requests. Please expect a text from us regarding delivery or pick-up tomorrow.

04.10.2020 - Happy National Siblings Day!

04.10.2020 - Good Friday

04.05.2020 - Palm sunday


04.01.2020 - Happy april fool's day!

03.21.2020 - ALL SERVICES & EVENTS CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE due to the coronavirus

03.21.2020 - world poetry day


03.20.2020 - happy international happiness day

03.19.2020 - God's Love

03.19.2020 - happy spring!

03.18.2020 - We never master it, so there is always more depth to experience. 🙏

03.17.2020 - Happy Saint Patrick's Day


Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are moving the free pancakes and pictures with the Easter Bunny event to Saturday April 4, 2020. Please update your calendars with the new date and we hope to see you there!

03.15.2020 - Sunday Services are continuing as normal

We are still holding our normal Sunday Services despite the Coronavirus Pandemic. To prepare for today's services, we have cleaned the building, provided individual hand sanitizers at each entrance for free, and replaced our hugs during the hug song with air hugs and hand waves. We encourage everyone to use proper hand washing techniques and to distant themselves from others if they are uncomfortable. We also ask that if you are showing any symptoms of being ill that you please stay at home. If you are still uncomfortable with attending a service in person, you can still watch us online. Please make sure that you still pay your tithes and offerings online as the church's bills don't stop for viruses. Stay safe and be blessed.  


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are cancelling today's Quarter Auction. We feel that it would be in the best interest of those attending if we cancel the event. All items donated to be auctioned off will be raffled during our next Trivia Night on April 4, 2020, so you'll want to make sure you show up for your chance to win some awesome baskets!!  We have offered to refund the non-refundable entry fee to the vendors and we greatly appreciate every one and every business who donated auction items to this event.  


03.12.2020 - MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

03.08.2020 - 113 honks this morning!

03.08.2020 - international women's day

03.08.2020 - bat signal prayer

03.03.2020 - ✌️☮️🕊

03.03.2020 - World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day seeks to celebrate the world's plants and animals while raising awareness of issues that impact wildlife. Wildlife refers to all undomesticated native plants and animals of a region. The day also serves to highlight issues such as urbanization, poaching, pollution, destruction of wildlife habitat, and the ways that humans can contribute to conservation efforts.

03.01.2020 - Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination Day aims to celebrate individuality, inclusion and human rights while promoting tolerance, compassion and peace. Discrimination refers to the selective practice of unfairly treating a person or a group of people differently than others due factors such as religion, gender, race, sexuality, age and disability amongst others. Despite laws and education, discrimination continues to be a wide-spread problem throughout the world.

Zero Discrimination Day was first celebrated by UNAIDS, the United Nations' HIV/AIDS Program, in December of 2013. The following year, the UN and other global organizations officially celebrated the day on March 1st, 2014 in an effort to promote everyone’s right to live a full life with dignity regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, skin color, height, weight, profession, education, and beliefs.

03.01.2020 - EXPECTATIONS

Disappointment occurs not from a lack in God - but from a lack in our own expectations to grasp what God is really up to.

02.23.2020 - miracles

Just because He hasn’t yet, doesn’t mean He won’t.

02.22.2020- new entry cabinet

02.20.2020 - He makes ALL things new. ✌️

02.19.2020 - action

Whichever action comes to mind - that might be the one God wants to use.

02.17.2020 - happy president's day!

02.16.2020 - great evening service!

02.16.2020 - lion charmer

This little man has a lot of ministry in store for him!

02.16.2020 - more donations!

We received more donations today for the hand-up outreach!

02.16.2020 - bubbles and signs


Meditate on this one.⁣

Or better yet...meditate with The One. 🙏


02.15.2020 - we'll see you tomorrow

02.14.2020 - Happy Valentine's day

02.12.2020 - First bible

02.11.2020 - Proverbs

02.09.2020 - All things. Period. ✞

02.09.2020 - celebrate national pizza day today!


02.08.2020 - Tommorow is Sunday Fun Day!

02.08.2020 - Guess What?

How can we be the body if not all our members are there?!?⁣

We can't wait to see your face tomorrow. 😊

02.08.2020 - Hand Up Outreach Donations

We received our first big donation for our Hand Up Outreach!

02.07.2020 - Just do the next right thing. 👉


02.05.2020 - Trivia Night Announced

02.04.2020 - Quarter Auction announced!

02.04.2020 - World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day. Most likely you know someone who has cancer, had cancer or has passed away from cancer. We need to continue to pray for those fighting this battle and that we're able to find a cure.  

02.02.2020 - Enjoy the game!

02.02.2020 - Jesus is our anchor

The kids learned about Jesus being an anchor in Sunday School today. 

02.02.2020 - Great Service today

We had a great service today. We learned how Jesus is our anchor. 

Jason giving announcements / Jason dando anuncios
Shawn praying over the offering / Shawn rezando por la ofrenda
We have a future preacher or singer on our hands! / ¡Tenemos un futuro predicador o cantante en nuestras manos!

02.02.2020 - 71 Honks

We received 71 honks this morning! / ¡Recibimos 71 bocinas esta mañana!

02.02.2020 - Happy Groundhog's day

02.01.2020 - celebrate black history month!

01.31.2020 - Basement renovation Update

01.31.2020 - National Hot Chocolate Day

Treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate today. It is definitely cold enough today!

01.27.2020 - Come close to Jesus

James 4:8 Come close to God and He will come close to you.

Recently I had an opportunity to spend a day with my family at a fun event. It was great to have the opportunity to spend time with them, but throughout the day, we were continuously distracted. Despite the need to step away to the restroom, grab a bite to eat or drink, the group continuously got distracted or split up. As much as we all desired to enjoy each others' company, we all had our own agenda regarding something we wanted to see or do. Sometimes we would stop to talk with someone we knew or see something shiny that made us wonder off on our own. As we all went our separate ways, we likely thought about something we meant to do or say that we forgot about.

This day is kind of like us and our relationship with Jesus. We're all here on earth for just a short time but we have our agendas, get distracted, wonder off, and in the end, think about all of the things we should've done or said. We need to take a moment to reevaluate our priorities and to give Jesus more of our time. Do you ever feel like Jesus is so far away? Well, how much time do you spend with Him? As it says in James 4:8, if we get closer to Jesus, He will come closer to us. Take a moment today to make sure you spend some time with Jesus.

01.26.2020 - National Spouses's day / día nacional del cónyuge

01.24.2020 - construction update

01.24.2020 - National Compliment day

01.24.2020 - international day of education

01.21.2020 - National Hug Day

Today is National Hug Gay. Be sure to give someone a hug today! Hugs are one thing we enjoy here at Impact365 since we're one big family.  

01.20.2020 - Working hard on the basement

01.20.2020 - MLK Day

Today we celebrate the accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement. Although he made great strides, we still need to pray and be vigilant that everyone has equal rights, no matter their race, color, gender or sexual orientation.

01.19.2020 - Construction update

01.19.2020 - sanctuary renovations

The renovations are looking great! / ¡Las renovaciones se ven geniales!

01.19.2020 - National popcorn day

Today is National Popcorn Day. Charles Cretos invented the first commercial popcorn machine in Chicago 1885. We are especially happy today because we were gifted a new popcorn maker in December. We will be getting a lot of use out of it!

01.18.2020 - Work day

01.18.2020 - Happy Winnie The Pooh Day

01.17.2020 - Santuary floor

Work on the new santuary floor continues. / El trabajo en el nuevo piso del santuario continúa.

01.15.2020 - SANTUARY FLOOR

01.14.2020 - Construction update

Construction work continues in the basement.

01.12.2020 - fRESH WIND, FRESH FIRE

Pastor Lenny now has his own blog page. Be sure to check it out and keep up with his messages! 

01.12.2020 - Construction continues in the basement

01.12.2020 - Pop signs

Children, youth and adults holding pop signs out by the highway this morning. 

01.12.2020 - Puzzle fun

We had a blast at puzzle night / Nos divertimos mucho en la noche de rompecabezas

01.12.2020 - Pop Sign

One of our youth made his own pop sign for church.

01.11.2020 -Puzzle Therapy Night tonight!

Puzzle therapy night is scheduled for today! To find out more information, click here

01.11.2020 - Work is hard

Some of us couldn't keep up with everyone else on a work day. 

01.11.2020 - working on the basement

Work is underway to frame in the utility room into a new kitchen, bathroom and fireproofed furnace room. 

01.05.2020 - Shopping reinforcements

We needed to get some more supplies for our construction projects at Home Depot, so we brought these reinforcements to drive us around and keep us on track!

01.05.2020 - First Sunday of the new year

Julie and Ryan singing / Julie y Ryan cantando
Children singing along to the last song / Niños cantando la última canción

01.05.2020 - Getting ready for sunday service

01.04.2020 - night of Prayer and fasting

Some of our the ministry team and children gathered for a night of prayer and fasting for the new year Friday night. We know that the Lord is going to answer our prayers and make 2020 our best year yet!

01.02.2020 - new stage

The new stage is coming along nicely.

01.01.2020 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12.31.2019 - gAME NIGHT FUN

12.30.2019 - christmas light drama

We learned today that untangling Christmas lights is apparently a boring job!

12.29.2019 - they way

We had a great service today! We continued our sermon series on "Who is this Jesus?" where we learned that Jesus is the way. 

Praying during service / Orando durante el servicio

12.27.2019 - Building Updates

We're excited about all of the new construction happening around Impact365! We finally have trim around the new windows that were installed a while ago.

New window frames / Nuevos marcos de ventanas

12.27.2019 - pop signs

Our new set of pop signs just arrived!

12.25.2019 - we wish you a Merry Christmas!

12.22.2019 - Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

We had an ugly Christmas sweater contest at our morning service day. The winner received a $25 QT gift card. Who said church can't be fun?

A group of our festive ones
Mindy and Julie displaying their sweaters

12.19.2019 - Shout out to pace

A big shout out to Pace True Value Hardware for donating some supplies for our sanctuary construction project! We pray that the Lord blesses them.

12.15.2019 - accepting jesus

Several of the youth accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior during service today! Praise Jesus!

12.15.2019 - Our First pop signs

Our first set of pop signs / Nuestro primer conjunto de signos pop
Kids holding up the signs behind Pastor Lenny / Niños sosteniendo los carteles detrás del pastor Lenny
Some youth holding up signs by the street / Algunos jóvenes sosteniendo carteles en la calle

12.15.2019 - Puzzle therapy night

We had a blast at our first Puzzle Therapy Night! In addition to the puzzle, we had some really tasty snacks and great fellowship.

Our first puzzle that we completed on Puzzle Therapy Night

12.14.2019 - holding a pop sign

One of our youth showing off a new pop sign.

12.14.2019 - SuperHero Night was a success!

We had another successful SuperHero Night! The kids enjoyed fellowship, movies, snacks, crafts, games and presents. Our volunteers made it another great year and as always, we thank them for their work.

This pic sums up the fun we had!

12.13.2019 - Christmas is around the corner

Christmas is just around the corner! Make sure you join us for our Sunday Morning Christmas Service.

12.13.2019 - christmas Candlelight service

We are excited to announce that we will be having a Candlelight Service the Sunday evening before Christmas. We invite you to join us for fellowship and worship.

12.12.2019 - Nativity

Our new outdoor nativity was set up today!

12.12.2019 - Join us for corporate prayer tonight

Tonight at Corporate Prayer Meeting we'll be learning about and activativating what it means to live in an open Heaven. We will learn how we can ascend into Heaven and bring back to earth those things that we need. We encourage you to join us tonight as this is the best way to learn how to go deep into the realms of the Spirit.

12.11.2019 - making the outside festive

New Christmas lights and decorations to spruce up the outside this year

12.09.2019 - Game night is Announced!

We just announced that we will be having a game night on New Year's Eve. If you want a fun and safe place to spend your evening, you should join us! Below is the flyer if you want to copy and post it to your social media for your friends to see.

12.08.2019 - are puzzles therapeutiC?

A group of us will be meeting this Saturday night for the first time to put together some puzzles while while we enjoy each other's fellowship. We've learned that putting together puzzles can be fun, relaxing and therapeutic, so why not do it as a group and enjoy the fellowship? Come back to this page next week to see some pics of the event!

12.08.2019 - Superhero night is coming up

Don't forget that Superhero night is coming up this Friday 12.13.2019. We have a lot of fun activities planned for the kids. Don't forget it's FREE, FREE, FREE! Below is the flyer if you want to copy and post it to your social media for your friends to see.

12.07.2019 Trivia nighT

We had another successful Christmas Themed Trivia Night on Saturday! Our trivia nights are popular because we do things a little differently. On top of 10 multiple choice categories, we also offer a bonus question for each round and offer mulligans for additional opportunities for extra points.

We also raffle several exciting baskets in addition to a 50/50 raffle. This trivia night also finalized the raffle of our Pac-Man Video Game. If you don't feel like buying a raffle ticket, we also give out three attendance prizes between each category, so you'll likely go home with something new. Each member of the winning table gets their name thrown into a hat and drawn out to win $50, so our teams can be competitive, but in a fun and friendly way.

In case you wonder what kind of trivia questions a church would chose, we had fun with the following categories: Automobile Trivia, Bible Trivia (Christmas Edition), Golden Girls Trivia, Stupid Illinois Laws Trivia, Slang Trivia, Cartoon Trivia, Presidential Trivia, and States & Capitals Trivia. So now you know what to expect if you decide to join us for our next event!

Our team names this time were: "Richard's Beauties", "Sleigh-ers", "Quizners", "Family Feud" and "Skittles".

As of this time, we are planning our next Trivia night for Saturday 04.04.2019. We hope to see you there!

Check out some of the photos from this event:

Team 'Family Feud' was the winning team. Congratulations!
Here are our 50/50 Raffle and Pac-Man Game Raffle winners. Congratulations!
A special thanks to Kathy Jo for decorating and wearing the most festive outfit!

11.30.2019 - My Lighthouse

A few of the Impact365 kids were able to visit the Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse in Hannibal, Missouri over Thanksgiving Break. What did they want to do when they reached the top? Play 'My Lighthouse' from Rend Collective. An older man on his routine hike up the stairs was able to watch our kids singing and dancing along with the song. It's cool that they automatically associate a lighthouse with Jesus. Our teachers are doing something right!

Click here if you haven't heard the song:

The kids climbing the loooong set of stairs to the lighthouse

11.24.2019 - Mural in progress

Kathy Jo and Ryan (not pictured) working on the latest mural in the sanctuary.

11.23.2019 - It's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Our new nativity set in the front window of the sanctuary
Some fun pics of the new nativity scene

11.20.2019 - Kid's having fun on wednesday night

A group of kids siting with Julie and Kathy Jo
Burning off some extra energy
Some of the youth hanging out in their classroom

11.20.2019 - Bundles of fun in the nursery

The new nightlight that projects an image on the nursery floor. Even when the lights are off and nobody is there, bundles of fun is still happening! :)

11.15.2019 - a christmas fail

Poor Julie was so excited to bless the Kids' Sanctuary with a nice little Christmas tree, however it turned out to be a Charlie Brown tree. Lesson learned: Fast food burgers never look like the picture on the menu and neither do Christmas Trees. 😎

11.14.2019 - bad weather doesn't stop the fun!

We'd like to give a bug shout out to those who braves the cold last night to greet these kids for Hero Central Kid's Church! This time of year is the best season to have this ministry. It gets the kiddos out of the house and gives parents a break. There are not a lot of school activites and kids need a routine, so it makes it hard for us to cancel unless there are dangerous road conditions. These kids were super excited to be here and loved earning grapes for answering questions. Who knew kids like snacks?

11.13.2019 - there's still time to win!

Don't forget we still have this brand new Pac-Man machine that we're raffling off between now and 12.07.2019. Everyone is welcome to participate in the drawing. We will be raffling it off at Trivia Night, so make sure you also come and enjoy the fun! You do not have to be in attendance to win. All proceeds go to benefit the ministries and outreaches of Impact365. Tickets are available for a donation of $1.00 each or 25 tickets for $20.00

11.11.2019 - obedience

Noting excites a pastor's heart more than when they get to sit back and watch those growing up under their ministry begin to take their own steps! It's just like a parent's joy when they see their baby take their first steps without holding onto something. They know there will be times that they fall, but that just allows them to stay in the picture. There are no words to describe how proud a pastor is when their investment pays off! Julie and Ryan were obedient to the Lord and started ministering through music on Sunday mornings.

Julie and Ryan singing during Sunday Morning service

11.08.2019 - Sing it sister!

One of our toddlers trying to mimic the adults and sing along at music practice

11.06.2019 - earning fruit

What an amazing Hero Central Kids' Service tonight! Earning fruit as we bare fruit. The kids continued to learn about 'Who This Jesus Is'. Tonight they learned that he is a Gate/Door. In our times of trouble, He's right there with us. Such an amazing group of kids and an amazing team of volunteers.

Kids answering questions during HERO Central Kids' Church
Kids eager to answer questions during HERO Central Kids' Church
Kids getting the chance to read the Word through the mic

11.04.2019 - Shopping helpers

Some Impact365 kids assisting with buying church painting supplies at the new Ace Hardware

11.02.2019 - fun at the NW Indiana RPI rally

Pastors Ryan and Lenny take a selfie in front of Lake Michigan
Impact365 Kids having fun at the NW Indiana RPI Rally
Kids having fun in Michigan City

10.26.2019 - a new house!

Our nursery was blessed with a brand new playhouse!

10.26.2019 - New kids' sanctuary seating

We are super excited about our new pew chairs for our Children's Santuary!

10.19.2019 - hauling chairs from indy

On our way back from Indianapolis with our new Children's Sanctuary chairs

10.14.2019 - Praying with the children

Leonard praying with some children during Sunday Morning Service

10.11.2019 - The newest mural in progress

Our newest mural is the lyrics from one of Impact365's favorite songs

10.11.2019 - Happy National Coming Out Day!

09.15.2019 - Praying with the kids

Pastor Lenny praying with the kids at the alter during Sunday Service

09.13.2019 - New stage for the children's sanctuary

Check out the new stage we built for HERO Children's Church

08.11.2019 - starting the school year right

Adults praying over the children before they start their first week of school

07.12.2019 - A wonderful VBS Donation

We were so blessed this year to have Ellsworth Chiropractic donate a percentage of her proceeds to our 2019 VBS Fundraiser!

Ryan posing with Dr. Ellsworth